Narrow Windows EP


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released November 5, 2011

Alexandre Poirier - Guitar, vocals
Thierry Comeau-Gauthier - Bass
Kevin Boucher - Drums



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MYST Montréal, Québec

MYST was born when all three members met at their job at a local music store. When they played their first jam in the drummer's basement, they barely knew each other but somehow felt a great connection between them. 6 months later, the band has a solid set of songs ready to be devoured by you. ... more

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Track Name: Mirror
I know what lies beneath the truth
This unbreakable wall
They’ll look so small when they’ll all fall
When we get to see through

Your life is just the mirror
Of all that’s been alive
And now you can see clearer
That this is just a lie

I know what hides behind your mind
You hold a part of this wall
If I could help you break your fall
And see you were blind

You need to break this mirror
To finally feel alive
And then you will see clearer
That this was just a lie
Track Name: Electron.ika
Don’t act like it’s the first time
You know the game, so the end
Make those foul temptations disappear
But please make me stay

"God please lend me your voice
Make me the star of this tragedy
My life will mean a lot more up in the sky
Lift me so high"

‘Cause you’re going too far
If you want the love that we both need
Sometimes it’s too late
To claim what we have been working for

Seems like your delusions are taking control
Leaving you blind
All these doors were opened for somebody else
Leaving you cold and out

‘Cause you went too far
And now you wasted what we built
And now that it’s too late
I hope you will learn from your fate

And now could you erase the pain
Take it off my heart
And leave me alone
Leave me alone
Track Name: Mexico
Mysterious men parading
Lavishly clothed with fire
Eating up our freedom

With sweat running down my face
I will end this bloody race
For we deserve to be free

Dreaming with open eyes
And I scream to the sky
Track Name: Narrow Windows
We could dream of something wide and strong
We could dream of something we all want
Where our visions are on a mission
We could dream of taking down all narrow windows

Plant a seed and watch it grow
Plant a seed and have them know

Imagine this world
Growing in colours
This might be dreaming
But who would I be if I were not
Track Name: Boxes
Something left a scar on my mind
And now I see myself confined
Into this depthless box I live
And there is nothing I can give

Could we stop this train?
And shoulder the blame
'Cause if we stay in boxes
We’ll never see the light

We live in boxes
They keep us apart

All the floors are painted with arrows
And everytime we follow them
I dream of paths where freedom knows
No permanent and set up schemes